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位于佛罗里达萨拉索塔西耶斯塔沙滩是美国排名第一的沙滩,也是世界是最著名的沙滩之一. 与别的沙滩的不同之处是西耶斯塔沙滩的白沙又细又软,由99%的纯石英组成,即使是在炎热的夏天也能保持凉爽.
靠近浅水海岸线的附近,设有的各种全年救生员的保护设施,更深得居民和游客的喜爱.  西耶斯塔沙滩还被誉为"国家的健康海滩",由海滩清洁局认证为"蓝波".
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Friday, June 20, 2014

International buyers bolster Florida's housing market-国际投资者支撑佛罗里达房地产市场

According to the  Florida Realtor news.
"June 19, 2014 – International home purchasers play an integral role in Florida's housing market, according to an analysis of home sales by Florida TaxWatch. "Buying In, An Analysis of International Homebuyers in Florida," looks at the nations that have the highest amount of home purchases in the Sunshine State."
"The report projects that Florida will sell an estimated 60,000-plus homes to international buyers through 2016.
"Florida international investment in the housing market comes from Latin America and the Caribbean, Canada and Europe – nearly 90 percent of Florida home purchases by international buyers.
"International homebuyers not only bolster Florida's housing market, they also impact Florida's economy as a whole," says Jerry D. Parrish, Ph.D., Florida TaxWatch Chief Economist. "The sale of Florida homes to international investors increases tax revenue, provides the opportunity to expand tourism, and diversifies the state economy with global exposure."
"Florida's real estate market includes a large portion of international buyers, and understanding where these purchasers come from helps us to diversify the economy and strengthen the Florida market," says  Dominic M. Calabro, President and CEO of Florida TaxWatch, independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research institute."
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"国际买家不仅支撑着佛罗里达的房地产市场,同时影响了整个佛罗里达的经济". 佛落里达经济学博士Jerry D.Parrish 说:"国际投资者的房屋购买增大了佛州的财政收入,扩大了旅游的机会,与全球的经济更加多样化".
"佛罗里达的房地产市场一大部分是国际投资者,了解他们从哪里来将帮助我们实现多元化的经济和加强佛州市场".佛罗里达TaxWatach 首席执行官Dominic M. Calabro说.

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The latest real estate market update for the month of  May 2014. 
Mortgage interest rates, homes sales, home prices and inventory. 

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